Leister COMET 500

  • Speeds up to 8 m/min without gearbox conversion
  • Automatic wedge positioning
  • High power-reserves
  • Large variety of pressure rollers and wedges
  • Force module to easily adjust the welding pressure

DETAILS Reliable and powerful hot-wedge welding machine

The COMET 500 hot-wedge welding machine from Leister offers practical convenience to reliably weld thick and thin geomembranes made of thermoplastics such as PE, HDPE and LDPE. It reaches speeds up to 8 m/min – without the need for a gearbox conversion. The required welding pressure can be set on the COMET 500 by means of a force module with an adjustment screw, depending on the application and/or material. The hot wedge is automatically positioned at the correct point in the overlap.
Thanks to its powerful performance, the COMET 500 achieves homogeneous welding seams even if under voltage occurs. Additionally, Leister’s COMET 500 automatic geo-welding machine also welds plastic films made of PE, LLDPE, PP, TPO, FPO, PVC (vinyl) and CSPE. This includes pond liners or membranes that are safely sealed in mines, landfills, etc. Due to the optimized shape of the hot wedge, the heat transfer during the overlap welding of the geomembranes is extremely efficient. Its robust and powerful drive motor as well as pressure rollers with tremendous grip guarantee reliable welding even on uneven and steep terrain. Additionally, it maintains impressive welding speeds up to 8 m/min (material-specific deviations possible). Easy to Operate via a Digital Display. In addition, the welding parameters, speed and temperature, are shown on the digital display and always remain under control during the application. Due to well thought-out handle positions, the COMET 500 is easy to handle, guide and lift. In general, the COMET 500 is characterized by a slim design and is ideally suited for hot-wedge welding geomembranes up to 125 mm overlap. The COMET 500 is developed and produced in Switzerland under Leister Technologies’ strict quality requirements. Additionally, it’s produced using the highest quality components and materials to ensure a worthwhile investment for professionals who weld various geomembranes. Various, easy to change pressure rollers are available for the COMET 500 welding machine. Pressure roller designs are available for all typical weld seam geometries. For example, steel and silicone, as well as with and without a test channel. These pressure rollers also fit Leister’s TWINNY T7 and TWINNY T5 automatic geo-welding machines, as well as the predecessor model COMET. The COMET 700 is highly recommended for users looking to increase the quality of their work thanks to Leister Quality System (LQS) to document the welding parameters and coordinates. Compared to the COMET 500, this Leister hot-wedge welding machine has additional electronic features that can be activated and used via the myLeister app. Professionals rely on Leister’s high quality geo-welding machines to seal landfills and mines, construct aquacultures and seal foundations, gas barriers, water reservoirs, ponds and canals.