HG 530-A / 230 V / 2300 W / CH-plug (replaces PLUS S Kit)

The HG 530-A hot air dryer is a compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed hot air blower from Weldy. Due to its high heating and blower performance, it is one of the strong handheld hot air blowers from Weldy. Thanks to infinitely variable, digital temperature control, its working temperature remains constant from 80 °C to 650 °C. This is independent of the air volume setting and the nozzle accessories used. The multifunctional HG 530-A hot air gun is versatile and suitable for a variety of industrial applications, e.g. car wrapping, cable shrinking, loosening screws or fittings, etc.

The configurable eco-mode is activated via sensor to save energy as soon as the hairdryer is put down. The HG 530-A weighs 750 grams, which makes longer hot air jobs effortless. It has a soft handle (Soft Touch grip) and is well balanced, making it safe and comfortable to hold in all hot air applications. Additional functions – such as digital temperature control and eco mode – differentiate it from the HG 530-S hot-air dryer.

  • powerful in working mode – energy-saving in eco mode
  • stepless, digital temperature control
  • ergonomically shaped, balanced and with a soft handle
  • additional functions for industrial use
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