HG 530-S / 230 V / 2000 W / CH-plug (replaces PRO Kit)

The HG 530-S hot-air blower is a powerful Weldy hot-air blow dryer with infinitely variable rapid temperature selection from 80 °C to 620 °C for many specialist and industrial jobs. It is suitable, for example, for the professional removal of paints and varnishes, for applying and shrinking plastic films, and for smoothing and stretching leather and other sensitive materials. Thanks to its controlled heat output, high fan power, low weight and ergonomic handle design, the HG 530 hot-air hand tool is multifunctional and facilitates various hot-air jobs.

The HG 530-S hot-air hand dryer weighs 750 grams, so that longer jobs can be carried out without fatigue. Its ceramic heating element is robust and powerful. In addition, the hot-air dryer is well balanced, making it a helpful hand tool for professionals.

  • Robust ceramic heating element
  • handy due to ergonomic handle design
  • light and well balanced
  • versatile and suitable for professional applications
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