Accessory – ABS Plastic Welding Rod

For ABS plastics. Plastic welding rod, for securely welding ABS plastics.


ABS-Plastic welding rod.
For securely welding ABS plastics at a working temperature of approx. 350 °C. For professional hot air guns HG 2120 E, HG 2220 E, HG 2320 E, HG 2420 E, HG 2520 E and HG 2620 E, HG 2000 E, HG 2300 E and HG 2310 LCD, as well as hot air guns HL 2020 E and HL 1920 E, HL 2010 E and HL 1910 E.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
General information
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841074210
PU1, net weight 0,1 kg
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year
PU1, EAN 4007841074210


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