Accessory – Professional Line – Spare CAS Battery 18V LiHD 8.0 Ah

The 18V 8.0 Ah CAS battery not only offers full flexibility for the STEINEL mobile heat series, but also 100% compatibility for 200 machines. One battery for everything: You can now easily combine machines, battery packs and chargers from different manufacturers. CAS is a cross-manufacturer battery system from leading power tool brands, focusing on 18V, the most important application area for professional users. The multiple use of existing rechargeable batteries gives you clear cost advantages, a high investment security of a guaranteed future-proof battery system.


Mobil. Fast. Powerful.
With the new cordless hot air tool mobile heat MH3, professional repairs can be carried out in a few seconds with full flexibility. Thanks to our innovative heating technology, 300°C are reached in less than 5 sec., thus saving the battery life, which is also compatible with all devices of the CAS cooperation. CAS is a manufacturer-independent battery system of leading power tool brands, focusing on 18V, the most important application area for professional users.

Battery hot air tool mobile heat MH 3
From 0 to 300°C in 5 seconds.
The mobile heat MH 3 18 V battery hot air tool is ready for use within five seconds and offers two temperature options, 300 °C and 500 °C, which can be set directly on the joystick. The powerful device is designed for air volumes of up to 200 l/min. With one battery charge you can perform up to 200 shrinkages of all kinds precisely and safely.

Cordless Alliance System (CAS): One battery, many solutions.
The Cordless Alliance System (CAS) gives you freedom from the power socket! Powering our hot air tools with CAS rechargeable batteries, we use the world’s most efficient and best-performing system known to the industry. The 18-volt class lets us cover the main field of application for professional users. In the meantime, our dream of a cordless construction site is now shared by more than 20 of the industry’s leaders with over 200 tools spread across the various market segments.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
General information
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841068240
Rechargeable battery voltage 18 V
Interface 18V CAS Metabo rechargeable battery
PU1, net weight 0,997 kg
Electrical equipement
Mains power supply 18 V
Rechargeable battery capacity 8 Ah
Power supply, detail Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Dimensions (L x W x H) 123 x 83 x 74 mm
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year
PU1, EAN 4007841068240


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