Semi-Automatic Roof Hot Air Welding Tool PFE-TAC

• The roof hot-air welding machine LST-TAC is the first semi-automatic welding tool in my country. It has a simple and compact design and is suitable for welding of parapet walls, ceiling walls, and floor walls. It is faster and more effective than hand-held hot air welding torches.

• Suitable for narrow range welding and repairing.

• In the roof waterproofing project, this product has the advantage of high cost performance.

• The industry is widely used, including PVC, TPO, EPDM in industrial plants, public places, underground engineering, swimming pools and many other fields.

• Welding construction of other waterproof coiled materials for roof waterproofing.

• Meet the voltage requirements of 120V and 230V in different countries and the plug requirements of EU standards, American standards, and British standards.


Compact welding nozzle and pressure

The ideal structure of the welding nozzle and pressure roller ensures welding efficiency and reliability.

Stable hot air heating system

The temperature is adjustable, the hot air volume is stable, and the welding quality is high.

Exquisite automatic walking structure

The precise transmission, direction change, and automatic movement speed are adjustable to ensure the semi-automatic welding process.

Humanized handle design

The handle is ergonomic and easy to operate.


Voltage 230V / 120V
Power 1700W
Temperature 50~620℃
Welding speed 0.5-5.0 m/min
Welding seam 40mm
Dimensions (length × width × height) 275x237x432mm
Net weight 4.5kg
Certification CE
Warranty 1 year


Welding in various confined spaces



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