Accessory – Professional Line – 12-Piece Hot-Air Accessory Kit

One for all. 12-piece hot-air accessory set, for HG 2120 E, HG 2320 E, HG 2220 E, HG 2000 E, HG 2300 E, HG 2310 LCD, for all types of work, includes 75 mm surface nozzle, 75 mm window nozzle, 14 mm reduction nozzle, 9 mm reduction nozzle wide-slit nozzle, welding nozzle, 24 mm reflector nozzle, scraper and blade holder with 3 blades.


12-piece hot-air accessory kit.
For all types of work. Contents: Surface nozzle 75 mm, window nozzle 75 mm, reduction nozzle 14 mm, reduction nozzle 9 mm, wide-slit nozzle, welding nozzle, reflector nozzle 24mm, scraper, blade holder, 3 replacement blades. For professional hot air guns HG 2120 E, HG 2320 E, HG 2220 E, HG 2000 E, HG 2300 E and HG 2310 LCD.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
General information
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841075569
PU1, net weight 0,437 kg
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year
PU1, EAN 4007841075569


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