Hot Air Manual Extruder PFE600B

This kind of plastic extruder is the first in China, and can provide functions such as dual independent heating of substrate and welding rod, digital temperature control display, and motor cold start protection. The extrusion welding torch uses a 3400w hot air blower to independently heat the substrate and is equipped with a torch nozzle designed to prevent scalding. The extrusion motor adopts Japanese Hikoki electric drill. It has the advantages of small size, convenient operation, strong power, continuous welding and so on. It has efficient welding quality for thick plastic plates. LST600B is mainly used for welding thermoplastic materials such as PE and PP, such as plates, films, pipes, water tanks, and plastic parts.

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Equipped with high-power heating device and Japanese high-quality drive motor

The installed 3400W high-power heat gun provides more heat. Choose high-quality Japanese Hikoki electric drill as the drive motor to meet the needs of professional customers.

Drive motor cold start protection

In addition to the built-in overload protection of the drive motor, our self-developed first-time start-up protection function will delay the start for 180 seconds after the digital display temperature reaches the set temperature, thereby maximizing protection and prolonging the working life of the drive motor.

Automatic temperature compensation function

In the process of using the plastic extrusion welding machine, when the temperature of the extrusion screw area changes, the intelligent control system will automatically adjust according to the set temperature.


Model LST600B
Rated Voltage 230V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Extruding Motor Power 800W
Hot Air Power 3400W
Welding Rod Heating Power 800W
Air Temperature 20-620℃
Extruding Temperature 50-380℃
Extruding Volume 2.0-2.5kg/h
Welding Rod Diameter Φ3.0-4.0mm
Driving Motor Hitachi
Body weight 6.9kg
Certification CE
Warranty 1 year


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