Geothermal Wedge Welding Machine PFE-GM2

Adopt advanced hot wedge structure. Use high-power, high-speed, high-pressure welding of hot melt materials with a thickness of 0.2mm-2.0mm. LST-GM2 adopts unilateral welding method. This machine is specially designed for water conservancy, aquaculture, landfill, chemical mining, sewage treatment, roofing engineering and other waterproof projects.

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Spread the film toward one edge.

Control System

Advanced feedback type intelligent digital control system, temperature and speed are displayed intuitively on the LCD screen, with high control precision and strong protection function.


Special steel pressure roller, strong pressure, non-slip, durable.


Model LST-GM2
Rated Voltage 230V/120V
Rated Power 600W
Frequency 50/60HZ
Heating Temperature 50~450℃
Welding pressure 100-1000N
Welding Speed 0.5-5.0m/min
Material Thickness Welded 0.2mm-2.0mm single layer
Seam Width 15mm*2,Interior Cavity 15mm (customized)
Weld Strength ≥85%material
Overlap Width 12cm
Membrane Laying Ways Single side to the same side into the membrane
Digital display function Temperature and speed dual display
Body weight 7.5kg
Warranty 1 year
Certification CE


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