Roof Hot Air Welding Machine PFE-WP4

The newly designed roof hot air welding machine WP4 realizes multi-scene welding applications. Whether in the roof gutter or on the edge, or near the parapet or other narrow spaces, the welding of high-quality thermoplastic waterproofing membranes (PVC, TPO, EPDM, ECB, EVA, etc.) can be quickly achieved. The maintenance-free brushless motor of WP4 enhanced version gives it high performance and durability, and the overall performance is much higher than that of products of the same level.


1. Movable front wheel

The front wheel can be moved left and right, especially suitable for welding in various narrow spaces


2. Outdoor dedicated power supply template

Power supply template specially designed for outdoor, the power supply voltage range of 180v-240v can still be used normally


Third, the pressure wheel swings automatically

The pressure wheel is designed with self-swing balance to ensure the welding quality of the uneven surface


Four, brushless motor

The maintenance-free brushless motor gives it high durability, no need to replace the carbon brush, and the service life can reach 6000-8000 hours


model LST-WP4 LST-WP412
Rated voltage 230V 230V
rated power 4200W 4200W
Welding temperature 50~620℃ 50~620℃
Welding speed 1-10m/min 1-10m/min
Weld width 40mm 40mm
Dimensions 557x316x295mm 557x316x295mm
Body weight 28kg 28kg
motor Brush 12
Air volume Not adjustable 70-100%
Certification CE CE
Warranty 1 year 1 year


Gutter Edge Rock Welding



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